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DMC1 GmbH offers information management services based on geographical information systems (GIS). Many years of experience in consulting, engineering as well as system and software development are the basis of our activities.
DMC1 works for international logistical and manufacturing companies and offers GIS/IT based solutions to operators of fibre networks and pipelines (oil/gas/chemicals).

GIS/IT solutions are products and services in the field of geographical information systems that enable the customer of the pipeline and cable industry on the one hand to administrate data of underground cables and pipelines easier, faster and cheaper as well as to get access to current and relevant information immediately. On the other hand DMC1 supports the customers by rendering of services concerning administrating and using of data systems up to the taking over of complete service management tasks.
By using GIS DMC1 provides, handles, updates and maintains information and data for customers to make them more competitive.
Under the aspect of building up an information centre, using a GIS system is an optimal preventive action to protect pipelines and cables.
The operators of these assets benefit from this by high operational safety, risen efficiency through fast access to information, and optimised costs through simple handling of the data management.

DMC1 has capacious knowledge in developing and using GIS especially pipeline management systems. The basis for a successful using of GIS is the knowledge of the technical aspects and operational connections of the operators. Well-known enterprises as Dow Chemical, BAYERNOIL, TRM (Total-Fina-Elf Germany), PCK GmbH, Ruhr Oel, Zebra, TOTAL (The Netherlands), NACAP use our solutions.